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Bookkeeping can be a time consuming but very necessary part of your business.
You must maintain accurate records for tax and accounting purposes and the Business Records Checks (BRC) programme enables HMRC to inspect the adequacy of the business’s record keeping by carrying out checks in the current accounting period and not just prior year records. They can penalise organisations with poor record keeping.

Good bookkeeping will also help you control your cashflow and manage your business and finances. This will also assist in planning the growth of your business and save you accountancy charges through more efficient accounts completion.

If you have insufficient time to carry out all the bookkeeping for your business or simply wish that somebody else looked after that side of your business, we are happy to do this work for you using our experienced and knowledgeable staff at OPPIC Accountancy.

OPPIC Accountancy bookkeeping services can be conveniently paid for by monthly instalments.
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